Sorry I'm a -super- noob and I'm embarassed asking this, but I'm having trouble reading the tabs for Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication..

It has stuff like:

0-1 (is that just a hammer-on?)
and (2)-(0h2p0)
and (0)

What do the parenthesis mean? And I thought 0h2 means 0 hammer 2, but then what's the p? -_- Thanks in advance

EDIT: And what significance is the parenthesis?
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the p is pull off
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0-1 (is that just a hammer-on?)

No. A hammer-on for tabs (in this case, for example) would be written as 0h1. 0-1 simply means to strum it open, then strum it on the 1rst fret.

and (2)-(0h2p0)
and (0)

All the ()'s are ghost notes...they have varying meanings, depending on what you want to believe...however, they're usually interpreted as "play if you want, or don't".

For example, the "(2)-(0h2p0)", you can strum on the 2nd fret, then hammer-on from 0 to 2, then pull off again, but you don't have to...it won't make a significance in playing the song.
For Californication, the parentheses are bass notes that you don't need to play if you're playing with a bass, but if you aren't, you should play it.
Thanks.. I was wondering if it's natural to have a really hard time with pulloffs? I mean, I can hardly hammer on and when I do the string already stops making noise by the time I hit the 0h2 so letting go doesn't really make any sound..
Well, the hammer-on/pull-off part for Californication (0h2p0) is pretty quick, so the sound should continue to ring. For pull-offs, I tend to kind of flick the string by pulling my finger down a bit, if that makes sense.
make sure u have some overdrive or distortion. itll bring out more of the hammer on/ pull off. but really you should kno how to do those.
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