ight, i'm on like my 4th year of playing, i have been doing lead for about 2 or so of them. and now like within the past 6 months or whatnot i've been only playing lead, and i havent written hardly any rythem except for a riff that is someting like;


and they get boaring after like 20 measures. i would like to know what would be some good bands to start learning songs.
i'm in to bands like Avenged Sevenfold; Creed; Bullet for my vallentine; My chemical romance and i want to know some other bands that could fit an area of them so i can learn some more riffs, and it doesn't matter how "hard" the riff is because if it is "hard" i'll just push my self.

thanks for the help
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there is no e in rythm...
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Play a simple chord progression with leads, or something that makes it interesting. Say like you do some power chords, then just go of on what your heard tells you to do =o
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there is no e in rythm...

...but there is an 'h' in it. rhythm*
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...but there is an 'h' in it. rhythm*

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yeah just play chords and strum them in different patterns and come up with cool leads over top it to start...then u can start combining rhythm with some lead lines for fills
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