For Sale (UK) 1990 American Fender Strat Stratocaster Made in USA w/ Seymour Duncan

Hi, I'm Selling a Fender Standard Stratocaster Made in USA in 1990, its not in the best condition as its 18 years old, there are a few dings here and there, mainly on the back. This strat has that great strat sound, it has a Seymour Duncan Vintage Staggered in the bridge, and middle and neck are the original American Standard Pickups. The Seymour Duncan really achieves the Strat twang and reminds me of Sweet Home Alabama riff when Clean, the American Neck pickup gets a nice smooth/creamy tone to it and the Middle pickup gets a really nice Hendrix-like tone. It has a lovely Metallic Silver finish with an Old Marble/Pearl effect scratch plate, it has an Alder Body and a Maple Neck with a Dark Rosewood Fretboard, ask for any other details about the specs. The guitar just only just came back to me after the Seymour Duncan, new tone and volume pots were put in and has just been setup Perfectly (the action is amazing) and is now ready to Play!

You can Email me (, Message me Or leave a comment.

I was looking at about £470 for it as an American Standard retails about £700-£900 these days and it has a Seymour Duncan, but im open to Trades and offers

Pictures: (sorry for the poor quality, if your interested and want better pictures just ask)

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