I've got a Line6 Spider Valve 212 40W Combo, thats got 2 Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers in it. I want to know if i could change them out to something like a pair of Celestion G12T-75's or Preferably a Celestion G12K-100's. I also want to know if i can change the Tubes from 6L6's to EL34's. I play alot of Slipknot, and want to get closer to Mick Thomsons sound. I've got the settings ( I don't use the Slipknot Presets, they're not close enough to the sound), but i think changing the Tubes and Speakers will get me closer to what i want.
Don't change the speakers.

The speakers need to have something VERY close to a flat EQ - or at least a specific EQ that the amp models around.

If you change the speaker, the entire amp will sound very different - and a LOT of the presets and models will sound VERY different - and could make the amp sound worse, or at the very least different. It *could* sound better, but...

Same with tubes - the el34s will break up sooner - resulting in messed up models - the metal models will sound VERY different, and possibly bad.
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