I worked out that whole 8tracks things, hopefully you guys like it


since it doesn't show the tracklistings right away, heres whats going on

1. Tom Waits- Anywhere I Lay My Head
2. Sonic Youth- Schizophrenia
3. Daniel Johnston- Like A Monkey In The Zoo
4. Guided By Voices- Queen Of Cans And Jars
5. Halo Benders- On A Tip
6. Broken Social Scene- Almost Crimes
7. Liars- Sailing To Byzantium
8. Portishead- It Could Be Sweet
9. Sonic Youth- Expressway To Yr. Skull
10. Pavement- Best Friends Arm
11. Entrance- Grim Reaper Blues
12. The Black Lips- Not A Problem
13. Joan Of Arc- Shown and Told
14. Smog- Held
15. My Bloody Valentine- Soft As Snow
16. Pavement- Passat Dream
17. Liars- Other Side Of Mr. Heart Attack
Uuuh noice mix, I'm familiar with most of these bands but I haven't really heard every song here... anyways I'm enjoying it so far
thanks, i figured people would know most of the bands but i really enjoyed the music so i figured i'd put them in anyways. hopefully everyone enjoys it
Got just over half way the other day before getting completely distracted. Was a good mix - but I had to skip Pavement.
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