Nekked Ladeez
Don't try engaging me
The vaguest of shrugs
The prescription drugs
You'll never find
A person inside

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I agree with This End Up
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A penis right beside the input jack that looks like it's getting ready to make contact.

ORRRR make the cable jack look like a penis and the guitars input jack look like a vagina lolololololol
me posing naked surrounded by flames

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for one does not simply walk in to a spinning propeller

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Buckethead is the meaning of awesome
a monkey with rockets for eyes

EDIT: OP our avatars are brothers
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marmite, vegemite, termite...

anything that ends with -mite is the work of Satan's retarded cousin Vinnie.
Silhouette of a girl.

Or a female face like on one of Joe Perry's Les Pauls.

Stuff to do with females basically .
May the Force be with You.
Carmel is hawt
A battle crazed Asuka

I'd want the inlays to spell, "I'll kill you" up the neck.



Or, Gwynplaine
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