so after a small check i think this is the correct forum for this topic, apologies if not and feel free to re-direct me!

so i've just bought an ibanez rg1570 presige. its great and im loving it except for one thing. the middle pickup is a little too high for me, as in too close to the strings. unfortunately that is exactly where my pick hand rests naturally and consequently catches on the raised metal stubbs. i'v tried adjusting my hand but always after a few minutes i find it catching again so i thought that as opposed altering my style it might just be easier to lower the pickup.

is there a simple way of doing this? i had a look at the 'how to change a pickup' thread but was hoping for a less drastic alternative,

thanks a lot
just take a screw driver and lower it until its out of your way, as long as you dont plan on using it because it wont sound that great.
i used to be a mod, then i took an arrow in the knee.
well its definately the weakest pickup on the guitar (imo) so can probably live without it (and put it back if it sounds terrible). so simple, cheers very much