How can i cut the signal from my guitar to the amp without making a killswitch, turning off the power to my amp, or touching the knobs?

I was thinking about a pedal tuner with a bypass setting, but is there a way to do it with something else?
on my guitar, i can turn down a knob on it that is volume for lead, but tone for rhythm, so i can just flip the switch up and down and it cuts
Depends what controls your guitar has, if it has 2 volume controls (one for each pickup or similar) you can turn one all the way down and leave one "on" and use the pickup selector to switch between the two; that's how Tom Morello from RATM does it and he pretty much popularised the killswitch concept.
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If your cable has a circuit breaker button you could use that.
If you have 2 volume knobs on your guitar, turn the volume for one pickup all the way down, other at whatever volume you like. Switch them back and forth, thats what I do.

Also, im not too sure on this, but if you have a footswitch for your amp and your amp has a channel volume you could just set one of the channel volumes all the way down.
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