This is a song I wrote a while back, I have no idea what to do next with it. Also, should I keep or trash that part at bar 17-18? That was experimental and Im not sure if it ruins the mood or not, what do you think? And if anyone knows how I can get this song in iTunes (WITH RSE) then please let me know or if your feeling kind, make it for me and post it up here. Thanks, C4C of course.
i would try to fill the part at 17/18 with harmonics , it would give a nice feel especially on an acoustic
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ermmm that was pretty much stolen from the last part of zakatak9389's song:


Sounds very similiar but it could be a coinidence since the progression is not that complicated. How ever zakataks song is already pretty much done and incredibly epic, so if the OP hasn't listened to it I'd suggest he didn't since I don't really see how you could fit that part any better than zakatak did on the ending of his