Hey guys , Im just wanting to know what shall i do next in theory

I know all my notes on the guitar

I know my main Major and Minor scale

I used to be pretty good with theory in college but that was along time ago

What would you recommend for me to do next ?

The other day someone said "Stay in the same key" and i know that the key id determined by the root note but thats all i know about it !!!

Id like to know how to put structure to my songs also

So if you have any good links or videos for me to watch or read that would be ace

Cheers guys
Get better at playing, BUT, broaden your musical mind at the same time.

How? Rip some shred licks then play some SRV, or get out the acoustic and play around with some classical stuff then put it all away for some heavy Metallica or some such.

Its easy if you approach it with an open mind and a determination for learning the guitar better. Do this well, and a lot of theory will become clearer, as you see it being used in many different styles.

Hell, if its not too hard, pick up another instrument, even better way to diversify.
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Try switching keys, it's a lot harder if you know what you're doing and make it sound right.
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You can try to better familiarize yourself with all of the modes. One thing that's always helped me was just sitting down with a pen and pad and harmonizing each scale (usually I just do it with one that I'm curious about, though). Try experimenting with different styles of music.

Most importantly, while you're experimenting around, don't just learn songs. Try to figure out what's going on. If you're curious about how you'd look at something lik the verse part to the song "Master of Puppets," in terms of what's going on theoretically, ask people here. Most people would be glad to help.
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I dont see how you can be confused about keys, yet still know your major scales
I think you should learn about constructing chords and how they don't always need the root note to be in key. The things that define a chord is its third and its seventh. Now figure that out!