so im leaning towards getting a new pedal, along with some nice cables.
my gear is in the sig. (the wah will be modded soon.)
i play jazz, old RnB, and Blues, as well as rock. Im in a touring band that plays "Christian Rock," musically its basically classic rock type stuff. i think we are headed to more of a blues-rock direction on our second album though.
here are some of the things that im looking at:

Fulltone OCD.
Analogman Fuzzface
Fulltone Fulldrive 2 (probably not this)
Uni Vibe or Voodoo Lab MicroVibe. I have wanted one of these forever, however i dont know how much i would realistically use it in a live performance situation. Im sure i would toy around with it all the time though.

does anyone else have any recommendations on what to get, or which of these would benefit me the most. thanks UG, i love you.
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Chea_man is the best.
Well what do you really want? It looks like you have an od so maybe not the OCD? Fuzz Faces are always fun and would probably be used a lot. It all depends on what effect you really want.