The Subdecay has only been stomped about 10 times at the most. Got it from PGS a month ago. AMAZING OD pedal... but I have about 9 on my pedalboard so it's a little redundant right now.
£75 shipped to your door. Comes in original box. Yes you read the price right. It's basically new and 10/10 state.

Also for sale a TIM OD... no need to introduce those. I am the second owner but that thing is MINT. I need to finance a new amp I just bought
£155 to your door in the UK. But PM me if you're close but not quite there I'm flexible. I paid £177 shipped for it (was on ebay not a week ago.. won't be keeping it for too long )

I have plenty of references should you need it, including a 100% ebay feedback under pierreemmanuel and LOADS of references on the Seymour Duncan forums, as well as some on the HC forums. Let me know! I'll try to post pics later on today. I also have a good traders reference here on UG.
I take paypal of money to my bank account

I may be interested in the subdecay... not entirely sure if it's my thing yet though. I'll get back to you soon
Sure thing! I can say with 90% that it's your thing though :P It's got 5 controls inside for further sound trimming, and it can do anything from boost to slight OD to heavy rock. It's not a metal OD though with a boost in front, sure thing. It's a VERY versatile pedal with a very rich tone and loads of options. Build quality is as good as it gets too. Only reason I'm selling it is I really need the dough and the Blues Pro I now use would bring me less money
I like that you actually try and sell your stuff, rather then just stick it up and pray for offers like some people!
I'm thinking it might very well be what I'm after - I need something I can use for hard rock sounds without having to alter my amp settings to go from clean to crunch. The only thing holding me back is whether or not I'm getting a new amp.
I presume you're not open to trades?
Nah sorry.

Good thing about the Stupid box is you can tailor it to your amp. Usually if you use a box as your distortion, there's a compromise down the road. This way you can really have two sounds, both adjusted to sound great on their own.

But it's true, like most pedals, it does work better if the amp takes pedals well.
Wait, I see you have a GH50L.

You can set the GH50 for a cleanish tone, set the gain to go to all out metal, and use the stupid box as a boost for both channels, or set the amp for clean/metal and use the SB for middle gain stuff. They'd sound great together to be honest. My TT50C takes pedals GREAT.
Heh, I really like your attitude mate, I think I may take this just for that!

I'll PM you tomorrow
Got the pedal today, thanks a lot mate!!!

You weren't wrong, it sounds fantastic!!

I'm gonna post your name on the good sellers forum in a min