I've heard good things about MXR 10-band EQs, and those Danelectro Fish 'n' Chips... but i still don't know much about them.

Can anyone recommend a good one?

Like HLRocker said in VK thread the MXR will be better, less noisy, better made, 3 more bands, etc. but is $120 I think. The Dano is more of a budget pedal but does the job well for $40. Well for bedroom, not gig. There are others, but i can't comment on them.
Personally I don't think you need 10 bands... I mean its nice, but with a 7 band you have plenty of control. I dont think you should buy an EQ pedal based on how many bands it has.

But I will say that the MXR is a good pedal from what I heard. I bought a used boss GE-7 off ebay for like 40 bucks, but it is a bit noisey, especially when you turn the level up passed 0. But from what I heard the MXR is pretty quiet. No complaints

Similarly i have heard good things about the fish n chips. But if you got the money i would definately say go for the mxr
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Well, the MXR sounds good, because my budget will be $100... but i can easily shell out another $20.

Cool. Thanks

Yeah, my advice, get the MXR six band EQ like I have.

You REALLY dont need a ten band
You'l be messing around with frequencies that you wont know what the frick theyr doing lol

6 band eq is plentyy bud

unless your a tone FREAK
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Quote by TheBax
ahh... this one looks nice: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/MXR-M109-6Band-Graphic-EQ?sku=151103

And it's within my original budget, too. But just one more question - Is it just the same as the 10-band EQ, but it just has 6 instead? Like, is it still less noisy, and better quality than the Fish 'n' Chips... just a... 6-band?

Yup, thats the one you want