In my school or more precisely, my class, alot of people go out on friday evening and stay at home during the weekend or go to fotball or guitar practice, now my "close" group of friends don't go out much or go to the country side during the weekend which means that I don't do much on weekends or friday night, I meet up with friends about twice a month on weekends.

anybody else relax on the weekends or do you just party??? am I missing out on much??
as a student 140km away from home, I go out all week the catch up on sleep during the weekend
I always stay in or go to mates house and play xbox.. either way it ends up with me in the pit

but I dont have close friends that go out a lot, but if they do they always leave me out but i dont really care tbh but i'm going to get myself up the ranks of coolness now i'm in sixth form
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i go out on friday nights, usually to the park with mates to drink.
saturdays tend to involve going into nottingham for the day or just hanging round my town, then sundays i have rugby usually then do nowt for rest of day

and your not missing out if your friends, if your friends arnt aroundthen your not missing out. and if you bothered about it arrange somthing for you guys to meet up


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i usually relax on the weekends. i see enough preppy people at school during the week that going out makes me shudder. hanging out at a friend's house is different though = same as relaxing
Stop smoking pot. It'll make you wanna go out more.
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I stay during the week days usually playing guitar, and then go out Friday + Saturday and get wasted.
i find when in a band and gig for the weekend, you have alot of fun and you also meet new people.

it can be really fulfilling
well I could ask a few of my mates if they wanted to go out and they'd say yes definitly, i just never could be bothered to take the tram for half an hour.
Going out is GREAT

it makes you a much happier person

Well, it works for me anyway.

Btw asking the pit is like asking a lonely people support group :p
drinking is, next to playing guitar, my favorite recreational activitys... two nice hobbys that goes great together:P
Satuurdays i go skateboarding for 3 hours with my friend, skate some more. SUndays, just chill, skate some more.

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I used to spend my weekends inside playing games/guitar/WoW etc. My group of friends then just did the same.

Then at the start of the summer an old mate got in touch and it's resulted in me having an entirely new group of friends who are awesome and I enjoy my weekends a lot more now. Usually just partying at their houses and such, but I've never been more satisfied.

Having said that a relaxing night in once in a while does no harm.
i get too bored just sitting around while all my friends are going out. i love partying, alcohol is just too much fun
i never go out on week days cos i have school & then when i get home i usually play guitar or bass & if i get a keyboard i'll be playing that too, & i only have one real friend in the village i live in
so at weekends i go to town with my friends & hang out, usually only on saturdays cos there aint no trains on a sunday
so i go to all & every party i get invited to... bad thing is, a lot of people dont like me ^_^
dont really know why, im not that bad... i just point out something bad about someone & everyone goes nuts cos they cant handle the truth

anyway, yeah... party!!
i practice my guitar a lot. during the weekends usually from the afternoon to late at night my friends and i usually get high or get drunk then i go home and sleep it off
Party time, man.

I went the pub on friday, went to a party last night and got in at 4am, and spent today at a party.
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Stop smoking pot. It'll make you wanna go out more.

Whenever I smoke I WANNA go out (it all depends on the person) and do something, and usually I smoke before, during, and after the party and drink during the party. Back to topic i like to party on the weekends and try to take it easy during the week. Keyword there being try.
I go out when I have the cash, but I don't have anything against staying in.

Usually if I do go out it's just to toke up with some friends at their house/a party.
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there's this place that alot of kids hang out at in a town near me. i used to go down there alot, but most of them are jocks, and they don't like the looks of me. lol.

<---- metal.
i go out on friday nights and usually all of saturday, but I get to sleep on sunday haha
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

I hang out with close friends on Weekends, which means relaxing together, or Ultimate Frisbee. I don't like parties, some have rules, and rules are like a chastity belt, they cover vaginas.
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I go out every night, play football/sit around bored during the week, then at weekends play football, followed by drinking.
Usually I do **** all.
However yesterday was eventful, Birmingham all day, then drinkin' all night and going into a club at 3 in the morning.
That's the most partying I'd do on a saturday unless it was a planned thing