I tried changing the tuning but it still sounded the same. I can't hammeron/pulloff between those 2 frets. Anyone know the problem?
Look at the frets, and see if anything wrongs with them.

And maybe change your strings, see if anything happens.
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my guess is unlevel frets. Can't do too much about that yourself, need to take it in
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check the intonation and everything these guys have said
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if your strings are more than 4 months old then they desperately need to be changed. Its good to replace them every 2.
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Okay if it's just on that fret it's either the string, the fret has a dent in it, or your action on it is too low, the same thing happened to me on my 20/21 frets on my high e, i just raised my bridge a tad on that side and the problem vanished
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I have a friend who had this problem before, his fret was was kind of unlevel, it was farther down toward the low e, and as it went down to the high e, it came up out of the fret board just enough to mess up the intonation, but not enough to be visibly evident.
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