okay, so today i was playing guitar, and it sounded really fuzzy. i started playing a song and then my amp just cut out. any ideas what happened? my gear is a Fender Frontman 15G and a Squier Affinity Fat Strat. T.I.A.
yeah, it still turns on. i was blasting it at max yesterday, my friends drums are so loud.
What happens when say like some amps arent warmed up, or say used to room tempreture, they can cut out. Was the amp in the same place for a while before you played it? If it was moved from warm to cold, or cold to warm, then it can cut out from the shock of temperature. Wait like 10 mins and then it should be fine. Especially cold to hot, condensastion etc, took me awhile to work out not to leave amps in the garage :P
its been like a day since i moved it, its been sitting in my basement w/ the a/c on since like midnight