so i have a half stack and at the moment im building a custom cab, i was thinking of making a full stack when im finish with the other cab ,but my head only has one speaker out, is there any way to hook it up?
Yes, easy peasy ! all you need to do is make a custom cable, or do some werid wiring in one of the cabs. Im not quite sure what exactly to do, though it would be very simple
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its a crate gt1200h

my cab (crate with celestions) does have an out jack, can that be used to daisy chain it to the other one?
you don't have to run two cables from your amp head in order to run 2 cabs. plus, that would mean you need to run 2 4ohm cabs anyway.

the out jack on the cab is a parallel out jack that can be used to link to another cab.
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one more question sorry, do i have worry about impeandace? both cabs are wired at 4ohms to match the head..
yes, you still have to worry about impedance. Your head will have a minimum ohm rating, I think it's 120W @ 4ohm for that SS Crate. You don't want to go below that impedance rating, or you can fry your amp. If you run 2x 4ohm cabs in parallel, that's a resulting impedance load of 2ohm, which do you don't want to do.

Ideally, you would wire up your cabs to each have 8ohm, and then you could daisy chain them in parallel for 4ohm total impedance.
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