Added, i've always had a thing for slow jams, or something of this sort, check my band out whilst you're there. The bass is a bit heavy, but rough demo's i like, be nice to get like reverb or some background noise
Yeah, that's rough alright, but since i've had recordings like this myself, I think I can hear somehing really cool in there.

If you're in the west we may end up crossing paths once you get on the circuit.would be great if you could check out our ultimate guitar page (link in sig) and offer any criticism you can muster. We can always use more people marking themselves as fans.

Keep up the good work, I know it's early days yet.
Ever wonder what rock would have sounded like in 2010 if grunge hadn't made it cool to be stupid?

The Three Aces
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I'm looking for reviews for my new(as of yet unreleased) mini-album, 'The Passing Of A Spy Glass'. You don't have to write for a magazine, a blog would be good but if you just enjoy writing reviews and do it alot then that's good enough for me.

In return, you will obviously hear the full album before anyone else.


Anon, They Move...'s latest album, 'The Passing Of A Spy Glass' is now available to buy on Love Torture records. The release is limited to 20 copies, so get yourself in there early because this album may not feature as a physical product ever again.

You can buy the album through the following places

I can't seem to hear your stuff anywhere, neither on myspace nor lastfm.
Yes, thank you. I liked it, why isn't it up on your myspace though?

PS: God I envy pianists...
I've uploaded the whole of my debut album, The Passing of a Spy Glass. Please listen, please tell me what you think and if you like it, please buy a copy from Love Torture Records. Ultimately, if you can't afford that, i've enabled the download option on them all.


Anon, They Move... - The Passing Of A Spy Glass

1. 4
2. 5
3. 6
4. 2
5. 7
6. 3
7. 1

'...Full of creative ideas and the perfect mixture of sadness and optimism'
Post Rock Community

'...Very atmospheric, at times sinister music but never losing the goal to create beautiful moments'
After All, He Was Sad blog

Anon, They Move... - The End Of Things To Come

1. The Smallest Piece Of Dust
2. The Ruby And Her Lover
3. The Snow Storm And Everything After
4. The Summer Loss
5. The Survivor Drowned In The Sea
6. The Empty
7. The Spacefix
8. The Landing, The Destruction, Pt II; The Aftermath
9. Chasing Ghosts
10. The Abortion And Her Mother
11. The End Of Things To Come