Ok. So I've decided its time to buy a new acoustic guitar since my £60 Fender CD60 doesn't quite cut it.

I'm unsure where to go with this now, I'm looking in the £200-300 range, at first I wanted an electro acoustic but am now doubting if its worth it.
I want to learn fingerstyle songs such as Andy Mckee and Antoine Dufour (hopefully) but play a lot of things like John Mayer's acoustic stuff and Jack Johnson type music also.

I'll be using this acoustic round the house only since I very much doubt I'll have a gig any time soon.

The main point of this is it worth buying an electro acoustic for practice at home? I'm thinking it would be better for playing fingerstyle songs such as drifting since it sounds better on my electric guitar with a clean tone than my acoustic, or is it just because of the guitar itself? I've never played on a good quality acoustic and am wondering if I can get a good enough tone for that price to play that style of music and it to be audible to a small crowd of people.

Thanks and wow I've waffled

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get a Martin 12 string
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gibson makes some beautiful acoustics, but theyre expensive. takamine are good for a budget. martin are great too, but once again, pricey. go to that acoustic room in ur local gc and jus try em all!
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Electro-acoustics don't hold much appeal for myself because it seems the only situations in which you'd need to amp it would be at a venue in which there is likely a pa (which often handle amplified acoustics better than your average acoustic amp). I'd suggest not bothering with onboard electronics unless they're on a guitar that you already like.

As far as more fingerstyled playing, I don't recommend a 12 string - I own one and it's not built for fingerpicking. For your budget have you considered something like an Epiphone Masterbilt or Seagull S6 folk? You'd probably need to look used for the seagull but it's a fine guitar.