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Yes.. buy it..its a good deal.
13 100%
No... Don't buy it!
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Voters: 13.
So someone is selling this guitar locally for $410 /w a hardshell case.
Made in Japan

Its in pretty good shape.

Kahler trem and some upgraded pickups.

is that a good deal?

Should i buy the guitar?
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check the serial number
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check the serial number

this, to make sure it really is a MIJ Fender, and honestly, if it is jump on it, MIJ Fenders are a high quality instrument, and from memory the place that assembled them, today they make $3000+ Ibanez guitars
i bought my 85 mij strat for $350 w/case, i thought it was a steal because the guitars are of great quality and are said to be going up in value

a useful website to do your homework with: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/john.blackman4/index.htm
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is $400 about the average price of the MIMs?

New MIMs sell for $375-$450. Used go for $275-$375 or so.
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Quote by KolosoK
New MIMs sell for $375-$450. Used go for $275-$375 or so.

Oh sorry, I ment MIJ *Japan*
Have you played it? You never know from just pics, it could look brand new but the wiring might be fucked.

Otherwise, yeah, go for it.
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