MarkBass TA, god I love 'em, and MarkBass cabinets look kickass!

I want one so badly, but I'm nowhere near the money.
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The Warwick Jonas Hellborg amp series.

I read "The Warwick Jonas Brothers amp series"
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You can't go wrong with Gallien Krueger! An 800RB can be had used for $200-$400, and for a cab, the Neo series are really cool.

I'm a huge GK and Mesa/Boogie fan, myself. And please give us a budget!
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sorry i havent repiled in a while
been way 2 busy wit hskl work etc
well my price range range is non existant because i can realli afford anything xD
thank god for inheritance lol
If your price range is nonexistant, then get 43 SVT's, and 86 strong men to carry them.

I'd get a LMII, and a 410 cab.
Ashdown Klystron series head

whatever cabs your heart desires.

Or some Dave Eden stuff.
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i like the idea of the 43 Stvs and 86 strong men to carry them
just because having 43 stvs would be awesome the men would not but prefer girls tbh
but yeah thanks i will look into these and find my favourite

thanks alot everyone

joe x
You realise the Warwick Hellborg system is in 5 figures (IIRC)?

You need to give some indication of price range, even if it is a pretty open figure like £3000, where you can get pretty much all but the very top end gear.
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