Hey, we have started an online band a little while back called Beneath It All . We play Pop/Punk/Prog/Rock/Melodic Metal type stuff. Anyways the dilemma is, we have had a full band for a while but recently we decided to dump the bassist because he is from Australia and we are on opposite times so we could rarely communicate with him. So we are currently looking for a new bassist to take over. We are already in the middle of recording so we can skip the formalities and jump right in.


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              I might be able to fill the spot. I'd like to hear some of the ideas you guys had and stuff first though. tell me more about the whole thing and the past of it.
              LimbLifter is the best band in the world! and they're Canadian .
              If I get my interface on time I'll help you out no bother mate =]

              Gimme a PM later in the month to let me know - I can always borrow an interface anyway, and I've access to my other friend's home studio.


              EDIT. Add me on MSN and send me the GP files and i'll give it a bash from them - FullMetalJacket_2003@hotmail.com

              EDIT #2. Forgot this link
              www.myspace.com/rockerstv - Look on the vid player for the Lost Persona Live DVD - I'm the not so stunning chap on bass, funnily enough.
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              k, i've been playing guitar and bass fore 1 1/2 years, i dont own a bass, but have programs to emulate, working on my bass fund though, buit until then, i have prgrams to do the work for a realistic sounding bass by a good 90%.

              recording tools and such is okay

              i use msn/ ug frquently, and could post some bass work somewhere]

              i'd like to hear some of what u guys have to offer, my interests are bands like Prtest the Hero, Bullet for my valentine, atreyu, my chemical romance, and i can play alot of their stuff on guitar and bass easy. so if interested, p.m me.
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              Been playing bass for 1-2 years, willing to help out.

              msn is in my profile.

              So-so recording gear but I'm working on that.
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