put gamertag and describe best kill *killed three guys with one grenade after my team weakened em
My friend (Is a general). He was playing valhalla and flying around in the banshee. He gets killed with a missile pod, 4 seconds later he respawns and takes a few steps, then it's like "You splattered ______" whoever it was.

So he assumes the banshee came down and crushed someone. So he goes to watch the replay, follows the banshee and sees it crash into the ground with noone around. So instead he follows the perspective of the guy who gets splattered. Here is what happened.

1.) Banshee explodes, sends wing flying
2.) Wing bounces off of bunker, goes straight down, and splatters the guy from seriously across the map.

I lol'd
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gamertag is sataneous and yea i'm on just about daily, not best kill but one of my favorites would be with the laser on construct, i was playing team doubles and knew the other team was sword whoring on the upper platform so i ran up the supports and then the ramp, had the laser charged as i rounded the corner and blasted them both at the same time in mid lunge, double kill and a couple bulltrues
i dont play much cause i dont have an xbox but i do when im at my friend stick's house. We used to play quite a bit so we got pre good with the swords. We had one time where we had 8 matches straight of swords or hammerzeit. We started owning it up and im pre sure that one match either me or him got some frenzies and in hammerzeit's grenades can do wonders to weaken em.
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put gamertag and describe best kill *killed three guys with one grenade after my team weakened em

you think that's good? you should have seen me back in the halo 2 days... owned everyone with just a SMG(true story, I was on fire... really!)

EDIT: and one time I g¨had a kill so epic... I truly don't think anyone ever have had such a kill... it was so amazing.

short version:

there was two square-rocks standing next to each-other but there was an inch space between them... I fired a shot through the crack just to see if it went through... it did... and it hit someone on the other side of the map in the head..

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nah i still play monkey island...
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