Hey, I was just trying to use my computers built-in webcam and mic to record silly little Youtube style videos. But the playback comes back as extremely muddy and bassy. I tried to fiddle with what controls I could find, but it doesn't seem to help any. I'm using a new little Dell laptop, if that means anything.

I'm a little afraid that it just might be my guitar is simply not suited to bad quality recordings. I'm playing an old Martin 00-15, it has a very dense, warm sound that's pretty heavy on the bass-y side.

Is there something else I'm doing wrong? Or are my tiny little mic arrays just not cutting it?
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Built in mics are always crap and mostly made for speech anyways.

If you want to produce videos, simply use the mic on your camera or plug in an external mic to your camera.

I also just put out a 2 part video on my youtube page about making audio better for your videos. I suggest watching that.