not bad for the time you've been playing for. keep at it and you'll progress.
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Your doing as good as a person who has boughten a Crate V18.

hahahaha... Seriously man, everyone has to be a judge for themself. If you say you suck... You suck.. If you say your awesome... your awesome.

Your gear... Everybody wants more gear... So your at the top of your game if thats all you want. But... Wait four months... Then you will be dying to get a half stack and the latest guitar. You'll see!
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i been playing like 6 months.. and thanks man i feel really good for the amount of time ive been playing in comparison to you now
not to be mean, but i think your like in the area of "you can play guitar.. but ur continuously playing songs that dont challenge yourself".. and by doing that you'll never progress. Keep at it mate.
There's no real point asking how good you are/should be. Everyone progresses at different speeds, so yeah.

Anyways, nice playing.
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