ok well the pickup switch on my LTD ( ESP LTD M-100FM) just kinda broke.
At first it was switching really softly (it would just wiggle alot and change positions really easily) and now it wont go completly foward to the neck pickup position, now it just lets me use the Bridge pick up and the middle position... i just realised right now so i freaked out a little and went straight to UG if there was already a post with a similar problem im sorry for not using the searchbar.

Anyway i need help on how to fix this... buying another 3 way switch is out of the question for now.
Uhm, well you can either try to fix it yourself or take it to a store and let a professional take a look
Yeah, good luck finding a store here in Puerto Rico for that(ok come to think of it I think that Pure Sound would help but still), I want to fix it myself I can't really be spending money on stuff at the moment. At the moment im running around the house looking for a screwdriver... still no luck finding one

OK managed to uh fix it... it still wiggles alot but i can now use all 3 positions
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