Flat notes = sharp notes... basic music theory.

For example. A# = Bb
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you hit flats by bending the notes. you can look it up online but theres a million different ways to describe it. basically on the draw or suck notes you lower the back of your tounge or in another way or combination of ways change the size of your "mouth chamber" to change the resonance your mouth has with the harmonica. the angle your sucking out of the harmonica and how restricted your lips or tounge or whatever you use to touch the comb and get single notes out of it play a factor as well. its hard to learn from outside sources and you just need to get used to how it feels for you to do it after you discover just what you should be doing. also some harmonicas are harder to bend than others. i just started myself a while ago and i highly recommend the hohner special 20 and so do a lot of pros and instructors. its like getting the harmonica version of a three thousand dollar gibson for about 30 bucks. its the only harmonica ive tried so dont pay too much heed to my advice but i was bending notes after about 10 minutes of messing around with it and got pretty good at hitting properly intoned flats in a couple of weeks so it must be pretty good. no sense in cheaping out on an instrument thats so cheap to begin with.
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On my harmonica, which is an A major scale, you obviously can't get all the tones. so maybe happens to you.

youtube "harmonica 12 keys". it can be done.