very nice
learnt by ear?
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*Points to Above Poster*

Best. Username. Ever.

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I wish I was gay...

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your ****ing insane man.. you learnt THAT by ear? your a genius :O
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your ****ing insane man.. you learnt THAT by ear? your a genius :O

No. It's only years of practise and persistence.

Coming soon the last song from that album that I will record -
Broken beat and scarred. I'm working on it.
That's awesome, can't beleive people already have the new songs covered!

I enjoyed it.. Keep it up

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hi, i was just wondering how to post a thread?

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and USD is equal to how much in US dollars?

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Everyone must own a DS-1 at some point in their playing career.


whao nice, that sounds really good, good job
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Dude that was sick man. I wish I could pick things up by ear like that.
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