ok i want know wats the difference in build quality, and how good the factory setup on both of these are and what is better for the price (rg2550e $600 more) is the rg2550e worth the extra $600? dnt worry bout the pickups on either im changing them anyways.
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i dont think there is much diffrent actually, you would be better off getting the 1570 and using the saved money to buy some pickups that are to ur taste as i hear the ibz dimarzio's aint that great anyway.
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Go for the 1570. From what I hear, the extra money you are paying for is just the fact that the guitar is a new model. Oh. And plus, theres an RGR1570, Suede Black. It's beautiful. There's no mirage effect, so it's a bit cheepah than the rg1570's.
of note - EXACT same specs besides the paint.
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Yeah i had a look at them both, quality wise their exactly the same, The reason why the 2550 costs more is because of its asthetic attributes such as pickguard, the inlay, and the pickups. The paint quality on the 1570 is excellent, i doubt it is any different in quality to the 2550.

I have seen both and the factory setups on them appear below satisfactory so whichever you get you'd probably want to get it set up properly.

The pickups on the 1570 arent as bad as people say, but ive played it next to my EMG euqipped SG, and there is a noticable difference.

I'd say go the 1570 and maybe just replace whatevers the most used pickup for you, will end up cheaper than a 2550 and it will definately sound better, plus i reckon the seuade black 1570 looks better than a 2550 anyway.

Good luck
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