I am in the market to buy a new amp. Iw as looking at Marshall Mg's and Spider III's. Nah, just screwing with you. I was looking at some low end tubes. I'm a big fan of haste the day tone, but maybe 10-20% heavier. Kindof Oh, Sleeper tone, you know? I was thinking of a valveking or a Bugera 6262. I can get the valveking RIGHT NOW, I would have to save up for the bugera. Heres the thing, The Bugera I've heard has reliabilty issues. Does the VK have reliabilty issues? and Is the tone reliable for what I explained above? I also own an ibanez tubescreamer and a Boss Mega Distortion(Got it fo free!)
Please do not say : GO TO A STORE AND TRY THEM OUT!
I am going to, I simply value the input of UG'ers.
What is really your budget?
Would you buy used?
What major city do you reside near? (Used markets vary).
Do you need good cleans or no?
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
My budget is rough, around 600, but if the Bugera is REALLY that much better, id be willing to save. Yes I would buy used, but I'm hardpressed to find used 6260's or VK's. I live in windsor Ontario, I'm the border city to detroit. Cleans are really not that important, I use pretty crappy bassy clean. Pretty much every amp I've used can do it.
A lot of people will say the Bugera is superior to the VK, haven't tried the Bugera so I can't say. As far as reliability, most manufacturers have some issues here and there - don't buy or not buy based on that. Can you buy in Detroit or will you get raped on duties/taxes?
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
No taxes really arent that bad, alot of workers at the border are very unhappy with their wage at the moment, so in an effort of protest, many let you by with an 1000 dollar purchase, no taxes. But even if I didnt get lucky, I'd still be willing to head to a guitar center in detroit.
Also, I'm playing a Schecter S1-Classic, I don't really know, if that changes anything, just thought you might wanna know. P.s., I am NOT a fan of randall's Rg50tc, the tone sounds very flat to me. At least from what I've heard.