This is the intro song to a couple of concept songs I have. It's pretty much an intro to the set of songs and this one in particular has a very vaudeville sing-song type feel to it. Basically it's a story about a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde type of character. A nice man who has a much darker side that finally emerges. When I was thinking of the intro I thought of a deranged man on a tall building overlooking 19th century London city lol. I don't know I guess I got an over active imagination. Well anyways, enjoy and if you got your own song just tell me the title and I'll check it out.

A Pause Before We Proceed
Now we present to you
A tale for your consideration
Please refrain from applause
Because soon you’ll give a standing ovation

The drones toil away
Responding to the masters call
(Work my pretties)
There’ll be death for all
For all free and easy
Make way now for a new
Era of lies and treason

Show the trained hand
For all those who demand
Proof of your commitment
Let them burn where they stand

Surprise! You find it in your maker
Now not another moment to waste
For the fate of the fortune fakers
The lesson in turns arrived

Many levels and stages
They say
There’s nothing to show in vain