I have moved countries three times in my lifetime of 15 years and I am moving countries again this summer. Every time I have moved it has been hard, but not as hard as it is going to be this time, because I've stayed in Norway for almost five years (by far the longest I have ever stayed in one place). And I have developed close relationships with my friends rather than not knowing them much and moving on (I hope you understand the point I'm trying to get across).

Who else has moved or is going to move far away from everything in your life and started fresh? What helped you get over it?

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When I was 12 years old I moved from Argentina to Israel. Then I moved back at the age of 18.

I moved from California to Wisconsin. When I was three. What helped me get over it was the fact that I have no recollection of CA and I've got a lot of family out here.

But I have moved schools before. I had the advantage of knowing some people already, though. And by that I mean one person, and we weren't really much of friends, just acquaintances. It must be really hard to move from one country to another, I would hate to have to move that often...

SG thrasher- That was oddly funny. Thank you!
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You must be very strong.
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But on a serious note

Why/where are you moving now?
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You must be very strong.
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ya but that sucks, If I had to move now even to another part of the city I'd be pissed

Out of Curiosity where have you lived in the past
ive had the same but luckly last time i moved i moved back to a place i was before
went from canada to diffrent province in canada to the usa to belgium back to the usa
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I've spent a lot of time backwards and forwards between my native England and Israel, my recommendation is learn the language now (not knowing where you're going, I can't say which language), it's something I still haven't really had the time to do and know for a fact I'd find it a lot easier if I knew it.
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I was born in Louisiana and moved to Texas when I was four, so I barely remember it. I moved to Aberdeen, Scotland when I was nine. And I moved to Stavanger, Norway when I was 11. I'm probably moving to Houston.

EDIT: In my original post I meant moved cities. I've only moved countries twice. This summer will be the third.
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So where are you moving now?

Probably Houston, but there's chances I could go to Aberdeen again (which I would prefer because I know people there).