For vacations I'm dragged along to a boring cabin with nothing do to, so I usually bring an Acoustic guitar and have some fun with it. But, I'm thinking I want to bring my electric. So an amPlug or A Marshall MS-2/4 seems like the natural idea.

Then I got an idea, how would it work if I got both and connected the amPlug into the MS? (My cousin/drummer goes to the same cabin so being able to jam some new tracks we both can hear would be preferable)

The amPlug is far superior when it comes to Gain so it seems like a good idea. Anyone ever try this?
so i take it bringing a full stack is out of the question?

i would suggest Micro Cube, or Vox DA5. Both battery powerable.
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Eh, those are both viable options. But more expensive then necessary over here in Norway land. And both are kinda loud for the use I'm thinking of aren't they?

I really don't want to disturb the rest of the family while playing around at 1 am.
If you could stretch your budget out more how bout a used pod?
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Used wouldn't work. I've actually borrowed one from one of my cousins and brought up there, and it was pretty awesome (Ofc my High E string broke and I didn't bring an extra ) I guess a pocket P.O.D would be good tho, and it's just as portable.

My local shop doesn't stock 'em tho, so I'd have to order it online.

But no one here has actually tried plugging an amPlug into a MS?

(My local stocks both of these at a decent price, so I'm just wondering. If no one has I'll probably wind up ordering a POD online if I can find one or just getting an amPlug.)
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The roland or Vox would really be the best options

I'll look into them then.

I allready own a Cube 30 and I don't particularly like it on it's own.

With a band I do love the amp tho, I dunno why I find the difference so big,
try one of the cactus amp in a can amps
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