This might belong in the GG&A section, but I thought you guys would be more likely to have the right knowledge. I have a Peavey Backstage Chorus 208 (I know, not a great amp, I'm working up the courage to buy a Traynor YCS50 combo) and the chorus effect has been broken since I got it. When engaged, if both Rate and Depth are turned all the way down, nothing happens. When both knobs are turned up, the pitch will shift up and down (and not at all in a musically pleasing way). The Rate control causes the pitch shifts to change speed, and the Depth control changes how far the pitch changes. If one of the knobs is turned all the way down, the other does nothing no matter how high it's turned. All this is done with no chorus effect added whatsoever.

Is there a simple fix for this? The amp doesn't sound good enough for me to bother paying someone to fix, but I'm willing to put a little time into it.
Call me crazy, but I think it's not broken...

That's all a chorus is, just a subtle freq modulation. It's not a good-sounding effect if it's set up high like that. It has to be subtle.
i own a peavey, and i've found most peavey's i used, if one knob is turned down ALL the way, it shuts down the entire channel (except equalization tho). i think its just a manufacturers defect
The file is only 83 KB. Media fire makes you load 2 pages full of ads before you can download it though...
I'm tellin' ya, it sounds normal. Apparently it's just s crappy effect and/or crappy amp. Or you are setting the rate/speed too high. Subtlety, man.
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It's not broken, your amp just has a crap chorus, get over it and buy a good chorus pedal if you want chorus.