What is it that truely makes a guitarist famous. There are a lot of people who play really well and what not and have nice chops, so why aren't they known to the masses? Is it because guitarists such as page , halen, petrucci , clapton etc. all possess a talent that you basically just don't or will never have?
They were all in really famous/popular/successful bands. You can be the best guitarist in the world, but if nobody knows about your band noone will know or care about you.
Because Page was in Zeppelin, Halen in Halen, Petrucci in DT, and Clapton in Cream. Then then got even more famous from their own guitar playing. Some guy shredding on Youtube doesn't make him famous. (Some exceptions ie. Canon Rock guy) But still the fact that they had bands helped them
There is only one answer for such a question:

The Pick of Destiny.

But i think to get famous, you have to have talent, write good music, have connections, and be smart businessmen. And some other ones that don't come off the top of my head.
the "best" guitar players are known mainly for the popularity of their band and their style of guitar playing. If you don't have a unique and impressive guitar style you won't be recognized as a "guitar hero".

You can develop your own style by essentially going with the flow, and embracing any oddities or differences in your playing from other guitar players, unless it handicaps you majorly. For example, my friend picks using really big, heavy picks, at a really weird 45 degree angle, like he's chopping at the strings, and only reverse picks when necessary. This makes him sound very unique.
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^^ completly agree. Dimebag wasnt the best yet his squals made him popular as hell and he is idol to many
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