I've recently got into tap and want to get more into it.
I'm just wondering what I have to do to get an audible tone when I hammer
and pull-off and such. Does it depend on the strings or bass itself?
I'm hitting decently hard, am I supposed to slam the strings into the fret?

I'm working on the tapping section of the Protest the Hero song, "Bloodmeat" on a 4 string.

Any help would be appreciated.
Sorry in advance if this is already a discussed topic, I couldn't find anything on it.

Also, any tap suggestions or YouTube links to good tap lines would be appreciated.
tapping is mostly down to technique. When you practice, make sure you play amplified, and start slowly, building up your speed. Muting strings just became your bestest friend ever.

Tap with the fingertips, and tap firmly, but not forcibly- too heavy, you get horrible fret noise- too light, and you don't get a nice ring.
I just hit the string really hard with my finger, I think thats the only way to do it but my hammer-ons sound like crap.
Actually, they don't sound like crap because I can't hear them.
And I'm currently trying to learn Stu Hamm's bass solo.
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Thanks Delirium, so the bass and strings don't affect the sound really?
Or how clean you personally play them, it's all in technique?
Of course EQing will affect the sound and the tone- it's a given. But being a good tapper is all technique. You can change the tone by changing your technique. Hell, you can even change the notes by technique (I personally use a lot of tapped harmonics when doing tapping lines)
What's good EQ settings?
I don't know how to get a good tone or what each knob effects, etc. etc.
Could you point me in a good direction on good EQ settings?
Curiously, how are you tapping it on a 4 string? (Are you tuned to B? I would suggest it)

Anyways, tapping that on a 4 string will be a hard one, this is how the line would go:




? solved potentially by transposing up a string, but that is based on your personal preference



So you'll have to learn two handed tapping obviously
but because of the lack of a fifth string, you'll have to be able to "tap" a 0 note
(basically you just pick the note, but near where you are going to tap (so for myself, I would personally 'pick' (X) a 0 note with my right hand placed above the 7, tap 3 with my left, then tap 7 with my right.)) ALSO, the second "I" on each phrase could be tapped with the middle (or really, any of these with whatever fingers are most comfortable.
Left: IMRP, Right: 1234)

NOTE: You NEED need need to be able to mute strings while tapping
or else this will sound like a pile of poopy

I suggest that you buy a 5 string
or possibly work on the tapping for The Dissentience (which is tapped on EADG strings without those low D# and E that would be tapped on the B string (thus using Economy Of Motion))
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