I'm having trouble writing guitar riffs for my band. It's just me a drummer and possibly a bassist, depends on how much he can make practice, if he can't then it's gonna be just me and the drummer. So I've been trying to write The Black Key's esque riffs, but I just can't quite write anything for it. Anyone got some advice? I thought it'd be better to ask the blues forum than the riff section, as you guys are blues players and I want a blues riff. xD
Feed your mind.
e -----------------------
B -----------------------
G -----2-2--4----4---2^-2
D -2---2-2--4--2-4-2-----
A -2---0-0--2--2-2-2-----
E -0---------------------

I think it sounds nice. Learn the blues scale and boxes, mix in Mixylodian or whatever the freak that thing's called.
Drone riffs for the mf win.

Drone riffs work exceptionally well with Blues because Blues isn't really analogous to any other form of western music.