Hi all. I've been having trouble with my DD-6 for a while. It appears that the mode knob no longer works properly, the HOLD and REVERSE functions dont work for some reason (of course, the two coolest ones). Instead they're now the 80 and 300ms functions respectively (by the sound of things). Everything else works fine.

It's probably nearly two years old now and it was bought "new" from ebay, but it's got me stumped. Given my current situation, simply buying a new one is out of the question.

Any ideas? Any help would be appreciated.
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crack it open and see if any wires are loose and need solering or if any circuits are busted, things like that. make sure everything's screwed in tightly and try it out again. if it doesn't work, send it out, maybe get it modded and get yourself an upgrade instead of just bringing it back to normal
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I opened it up, seems as though everything's okay. I must admit though, I don't really know what I'm looking for. But nothing seems damaged or out of place. I guess I'll look into getting it modded or something.
"Shoot low, they're riding Shetlands"