Hey, I wanted some of your guys opinions on what you think would be a good very thick humbucker. I want to replace the Burstbucker Pro in my g400 with something with a thicker tone, because the BB just doesn't have enough balls.

Now i'm not looking for active pickups, and I'd like a lower output pickup like the BBpro just not so bright. Someone recommended me a 498T for the bridge and it looks good. Oh and I don't want to spend 200 dollars on a pickup lol, so give me some suggestions please. -thx
DiMarzio Tone Zone maybe? Air Zone? They've got a lot of bass and mids, with not so much treble
I would also suggest trying some wiring tricks, maybe with the tone capacitors as well. But if you want a thicker, mid gain, "Hot rodded" PAF sound, try something like a Rio Grande BBQ bucker.
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Quote by yoyodunno
Does putting them in series really sound any good? And i'll look at the BBQ bucker and the dimarzios.

It essentially makes the two humbuckers one huge humbucker.
Hmm, do you know anything about the 498 tho?

Cause i got a guy who's willing to trade it to me.

And the fatness of these pickups won't make them muddy i hope? Cause, i tried my Fat PAF in the bridge, and it helped slightly but it was too unclear.
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Check your PMs.

edit: unless that guy you're talking about is me haha, I pm-ed you about the 498t...
Either way I can tell you about the pickup itself.

And I'll give you my honest opinion of it, its very bland sounding, I don't mean that in a bad way or anything, its just that, it doesn't have any particularly strong character compared to say... a PAF or something which you know, people hear and say, "that sounds like a PAF", in the end it makes it a pretty flexible pickup as it doesn't have a truly distinct voicing, its just that it doesn't have any real strong character.

It also does not clean up particularly well in my setup which is the main reason it had to go, I use a single channel amp, the only way I can get cleans at high volumes is to roll the volume off the pickup, I also find the highs a little unpleasant and the lows to be a little muddy, but I use a bass circuit so that could also be an issue. I'm getting rid of my Seymour Duncan JB as well as it suffers from the exact same problems as the 498T, only this one has even more gain (what the hell was I thinking when I bought that one?)...
Technically the BBpro should sound hotter than your run of the mill PAF.

You may just need something that has a lot of output and punch. Look at some ceramics as well.

oh and pm sent.
I think it'll sound fairly mushy in the bridge position of a G-400.
Sorry, I was thinking of an SH-11. It'll sound okay, definitely have a warmer tone, softer attack, not as much top end. Don't think it's the ballsy sound you're looking for.

Oh, I would also check out a Silverback PAF from rockmonkeyguitars.com.
I have an SH-11 and love it. I have a Strat tho. TB-11 Custom Custom. I thought the output would be too high when I read the specs but it's perfect for me.

I usually make the suggestion to call Duncan Cust Serv and talk thru it with them. They're great. Basically +27 to everything forsaknazrael says also.
nuthinbuttrubl8 builds humbuckers. I'd definatly talk to him, they're very well priced and he's a cool guy.
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Oh I just wired it in series.

The first time i messed up because one pickup was out of phase I think, but it sounded really cool like that lol.

And then when i fixed it so it was wired in series properly it was just too flubby because of the neck pickup.
I think the out of phase mod is a pretty useful mod, though I want to try two pickups which are magnetically out of phase, supposedly this sounds a bit better than putting them electronically out of phase.

Gives that great Peter Green nasally bite.
Try changing some capacitors or those things that i forgot what they are called.
Well actually right now i've got it wired without the tone pots, but thanks for the suggestion.

And someone on HCAF offered me a Dimarzio Virtual PAF, and PAF. I think i'll try these, they look like they might have exactly what i want from reading about them.