So, a few weeks ago I did a thread about careers and me not knowing what I wanted to do. I asked you guys what all of you did for a career and I got a few ideas, but then it hit me. I was watching 28 Weeks Later thinking "Woah, this is freaking awesome. How I wish I could be capapable of making such a...WAIT!"

Now I REALLY want to go into either screenwriting or directing.

My question now mainly goes out to any of you who have any experience with filmmaking or are studying it. Do you recommend any certain books? Any websites that can give me more information about this field? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, on a particular college website, they mentioned that a two-part essay would be required to get in. Here's what it says.

"Film and video applicants are required to submit a two-part essay. In the first part, applicants must describe an imaginative story or significant real-life event in 500 words or less. This essay should be told as a short story with a plot, including a clear beginning, middle and end. In the second part, applicants must adapt the story from part one into cinematic terms using 1,000 words or less, using camera cues, angles and dialog. The essays aren't meant to be scripts or screenplays; instead, by employing these cinematic elements, the applicant as filmmaker should successfully communicate images, ideas and plot."

If you know any sort of books or websites that can help me with all of ^ that, then that would be fantastic.

1. I'm interested in going into the filmmaking field
2. I need books or websites that can help me with filmmaking
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i'm trying to work in the film industry, i'm tackling into tv first though

i went to film school, i dropped out on my last year cose i hated the guy who runs the school

but if you have friends in the film industry try and get yourself into working on a short film set. working in film requires alot of free labour but gain experience.

read books on how a film set works instead of how to direct because anyone can direct.

then get more experience on film sets, make contacts and friends then work your way up til you have contacts that may benefit you in screenwriting and directing.

that's my opinion, hope that helps..

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getting into Production is hard...Im learning this myself.
Most of the guys I know in the production field have started their own company.

You can also start by working in a crew and working your way up over time.

Basically you need to know someone on the inside to easy get into directing...

A website:

As for more learning, I HIGHLY suggest classes like at a college or something...
I am going though college classes and theres so much to learn...
Do it yourself. Prove that you are worthy. The end.

unless you've got CLOSE friends & family in the business already, the above option is about all you have.

Interested in making one together?
If you're looking into screenwriting, check out Celtx. It's a really easy to use screenwriting tool, plus the community on the site is really helpful and are always looking to read and critic new scripts.

Also, Indy Mogul is a really helpful site if you're looking to make independent films on your own. It's also got a really cool community who are always eager to help.
Im looking at doing the same thing. I would recommend writing, making and editing films, like, as many as you can. This shows how you have advanced in both a creative and produtive sense. I also remomend going to film making clubs as often they have contacts with someone in the industry or talent scouts often vist these clubs to look for new talent.

Hope this helps
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