So, my laptop has started acting funny lately. FIrst of all, at random times, the sound will slow down and lag, resulting in an annoying grating sound. Second, the screen goes funny constantly. THe only way to fix it is to adjust the angle of teh screen or close the laptop and both are only temporary cures. Can anyone help me with this? i don't think this is a software problem but a problem with teh hardware or the actual machinery of the laptop, specifically the screen or the speakers...
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Screen sounds like a loose connection, or the wires for it are getting pinched in the hinge.
I dunno about the sound though, that sounds more like a software problem
Same with mine. My webcam got stuck and I couldn't close it for about a month, and the invisible tabs at the top randomly pop out and I have to close the cover to close them

Do you use Toshiba?

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