Hi im debating on getting Schaller Strap Lock or Ernie Ball. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Ernie-Ball-Strap-Locks-360809-i1399099.gc


I dont want strap locks that require drilling are anything big to modify on my guitars. Such as my Jackson RR3 and my Epiphone Standard Les Paul. I just dont want anything ware it turns into a big project and then i have to spend 50 dollars.
if you don't want to modify your guitar you can get these:

other companies make them too and i've seen them for cheaper than this site... i use these on my electric guitars and haven't had any problems what so ever and the best thing is i don't have to modify my guitars one bit... <3
The Epiphone has pretty standard sized holes, straplocks fit with no hole enlargement. I have some on mine.
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Yea i have the Dunlop ones i do beleive or watever u wanna call them now but anyways on my Epiphone Flying V(black one) i didnt have to do any drilling at all on it
You could buy one of those straps that has a turn wheel and locks onto your strap button. I think dimarzio makes them? However it only comes in black.
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