So i bought my new pickups today and everything is going well until i decide to check if my wiring and such were right. I plug in my guitar and there is this annoying BUZZZ sound. I suspect it is grounding issues because every time i touch something metal on my guitar it stops buzzing. Any help on how to fix it ?
how high is ur amps volume?? all guitars feedback/buzz at high volume and/or when ur too close to ur amp. try standing back a bit.
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what type of bridge is it?

if it's a tremelo, it should have a wire soldered to the claw, which leads to the ground. That sounds like the problem if touching your bridge is solving the buzz.

actually all bridges are connected.. for tune-o-matic's, it's just touching the bridge where it goes into the stud.
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My amp is not past 2 (and its pretty loud but i am away from it. I have a Tune O Matic Bridge. Would you suggest resoldering everything
yeah just saw ur profile the hot rod deville is insanely loud

yeah, resolder, go over every connection carefully.
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Whenever I clean my guitars, my family wonders why it smells so good; I say that I exude a fresh citrus scent from hidden orifices.
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hmmm happens to me too. i have a TOM. i thought it was just that the buckers are real hot and the metal on the bridge was slightly vibrating and making buzz on the pickups. wow. how to fix?
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Yeah, I fail, HORRIBLY.After Resolder everything I go and plug in my guitar, I was like Cool, no noise.But then I put a string against the Humbucker and I heard nothing.I checked if everything was how it was supposed to be wired (from the seymour duncan site) and everything was right. WHAT DID I DO WRONG. If it helps I am trying to put in the SD Hot Rodded Set, 2 Volumes, 1 tone, 3way. If anyone can send me a better wiring diagram, that would trememdously help, I want to play my guitar!
Any Ideas? When I get home from school ( Im on my phone) I am going to start working on it again so anything that can help me would be apreciated.
make sure theres a ground wire attached to the stud on the tail peice/ bridge
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Ahh, i was messing around with the cables that go to the input jack and i noticed when i just put the hot wire, i can get sound but i get ALOT of hum and when i put the ground to the ground prong i can not hear anything
It's normal, man. I don't care what anyone else says, it's normal. I've wired hundreds of guitars, and they all do this.

I say again: It is normal.

edit: I'm sorry.

Is it just a bit of buzz or is it stupidly loud?

I had a pup that I repaired that had something wrong with the grounding or something and it buzzed more than it used to, but only if you touched the mounting screws...

If it's just a bit of buzz, it's normal, but If it's loud as hell, IDK what is wrong. I never figured it out on that pup.
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Well i semi fixed the hum/Buzz.I basically did this

For the ground i will probably put it on the top of the tone Pot. But here is the thing. The tone Pot does not work how i wired it.Any ideas? Also i guess it is just slightly humming because i wired it like that
Anything anyone? Oh yea sorta did a different type of wiring with the tone pot =and i got the tone pot to work and no Hum/ Buzz BUT the volume got sucked so bad (And the tone ) that i had to put the volume up to 6-8 so i can get at least a good practice level volume
I am pretty Sure the pickups are good, Unless my pots are bad, which i might think they are. Tomorrow ill the Tone part Because that might be the place were it is going wrong, maybe add a new Cap.
Check the pots first. They're cheap, and you'll spend no more than maybe $15 (but that's the high side).
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