Anyone here from Phoenix??? Thinking about moving somewhere around there from Louisiana... Got any Likes, dislikes??? I'm 25, I shoot pistols competitively, and am fixing to start learning guitar (used to play bass). Also it will be about 2 years before we move... just trying to get a read on the area... and GO!!!...
too hot. too dusty. not too much to do, unless you golf and have lots of money.
i'm saying that as a canadian who's vacationed there several times.
I live here... it's sooo ****ing hot. That's about it. Not much I could tell you about the area. It will probably be vastly different in 2 years, though.
Hot as ****. Not old enough/interested to check the local bar/club scene, but I hear it's nice (in tempe and scottsdale at least).
As far as competitive shooting, I haven't heard of many shooting ranges (then again I've never bothered to look), but there's plenty of desert around the outskirts where you could shoot off a few rounds in peace (or bury a dead body, whatever tickles your pickle)

One thing I like is that it's nearly impossible to get lost here.

Edit: Ever since the last Super Bowl was around here, there have been a lot of great places popping up around the west valley, there's new things being built constantly. Plus, alot of ASU girls are hot as hell, theres another thing.
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ITs just hot.

otherwise, not a bad place to live i guess.

i dont live in the city, but i'm not too far from it.

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It's hot but the winter is nice. Not much goes on the west valley(new side of the city) but in the tempe area you can find tons to do. If your into quading and dirtbiking theres tons of places to do that. YOUR IN THE DESSERT BABY! .....
If you're going to actually live in Phoenix it's just like most other big cities: filled with minorities and large amounts of violent crime/gang activity. The suburbs around it are pretty nice, if a bit lacking in things to do. The hotness isn't as bad as the hot + humid weather in the south, it's just a dull burning heat and you can still do things at night. I live in Tempe/Chandler btw.
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Thanks for the replies so far... As for the heat, here in S/W Louisiana we have super high humidity, plus really high temperatures in summer... Lately its been in the high nineties with heat indexes around 110... and with the humidity it feels horrible, so I'm sure I can handle some dry heat... and as for the shooting "scene" I'm sure alot of you don't know this, but theres ALOT of competitive shooting that goes on there... look up www.uspsa.com ... check itout...
I live in Prescott, which is some way North of Phoenix. I have, however, been to Phoenix quite a few times.

The main problem is that it is hot as hell down there. Its also pretty polluted. You'll get most bands to play in Phoenix, but its close enough to California that some of the really big ones will just go there. If nature is your thing (don't know so much about hunting) then going up north to Prescott or Flagstaff for a weekend can be a nice relief. In the winter you can go skiing and whatnot.

Keep in mind Phoenix is a big area, and when you factor in Mesa, its one of the biggest cities in the country.
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I was also thinking about Prescott... how is it there???

It's great. The weather is cool all year long, and I've heard about some great shooting ranges up there.
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I was also thinking about Prescott... how is it there???

Its nice, except with one problem. And this is a huge problem.

There is NOTHING to do here. No large guitar stores, shitty movie theaters unless you go to Prescott Valley. But then again, I dunno what you would do in a big city. In Prescott you pretty much go hang out downtown...thats it.
It's hot as hell,if you wanna shot guns just go out in the desert
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