Hey I'm going to be playing a short gig for a church fund raiser. I'm not really sure what kind of songs to play, but I'm thinking around 1-3 songs, mainly cause we would be opening for our youth minister (who also happens to be in a Christian rock band). Could you guys recommend some alternative/rock songs either acoustic or electric that would be good for a church gig? obviously lyrics that are appropriate, and it would be me (guitarist/singer) and a drummer.
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look up Jars of Clay if you haven't heard of them, some of their older stuff sounds like it would fit what you're looking for.
play anything by the strokes that doesnt need a bassist so basically anything cept juicebox
anberlin has some cool songs
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Thanks for the quick replies! I checked out some of the bands you guys suggested, but I don't think I'm looking for that kind of sound. I guess more like a bright acoustic or clean electric sound is what I'm trying to get. Maybe some more well known bands so people will sing along , but I'm sure that doesn't matter that much.
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