Hey guys i play a strat and i have a blues jr. amp, i love the clean blues sound it makes but i also want to change it up some times, i like to play classic rock style (zeppelin, floyd, the who ect.) but also some more modern stuff, what kind of pedal can i get to produce that kind of sound?
What kind of modern stuff? The BJ is never gonna metal convincingly even with a distortion pedal. You could probably get some passable hard rock tones with a good OD like a bad monkey or a tubescreamer.
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it depends how much gain you want. it's between an overdrive pedal or a distortion pedal.
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I use a blues jr amp as well, and I'd recommend a Big Muff Pi. It's perfect for classic rock-type distortion and works well for a lot of modern stuff too. White Stripes, Smashing Pumpkins, and Dinosaur Jr are a few modern-ish bands that have used the big muff for almost all their distortion needs. I love mine.
Kevin, UR and LP. I get LZ, Who and Floyd out of a bj and od. That sounds wrong, but true..
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I have a boss bd-2 thats decently nice. Also check out maxon od-808s or tubescreamers.
I plug my metal muff into BJ. Set gain low and Master high and you will be in metal tone heaven.
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You just need an od to push it. To get more gain. turn up your channel volume, lower your master volume and press the fat switch. Then boost that with an od. Look at a TS9, TS808, Maxon od9, maxon od808, fulltone ocd or, if you are on a budget, a bad monkey
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I plug my metal muff into BJ. Set gain low and Master high and you will be in metal tone heaven.

How well does the Blues Junior accept modeling?
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imo, the MM was still pretty "nu-metal" through my Bjr.

and the tube screamer, OD'd it nice but a little less umph than i wanted.

after i bought a bunch of pedals i tried a jekyll and hyde od/ dist thru a blues junior and i have to say i liked it better than my current setup.

just tossing it out there.

i also liked my amp after i swapped the speaker. it could handle the higher volumes and heavy gain stuff a lot better.

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My friend tried out my Keeley DS-1 Ultra on my school's Blues Junior and it sounded fantastic for lead tones with loads of sustain. Didn't get to try out my TS9DX on it though.

I also remember trying a DOD Yngwie Malmsteen overdrive on the Blues Junior and I got a really nice high gain, yet Brian May-ish tone.
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Check out the Boss BD-2, you can get some nice classic rock and bluesy rock tones with it.
I used a Fulltone OCD with mine, great OD pedal, I had the Boss BD2 before that, it's good too. Depends how much you're spendin.
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