I NEED HELP!!!!! I can't seem to find the perfect amp for me. I was originally getting a ceriatone 18 watt but because i can't try before i buy, there is a very small chance my parents will buy it.

Now my budget is around $750 but i pretty soon i can have around $1000 and this dosen't include the cab if i buy just a head.

Now i wanna get a good blues rock tone (eric clapton) and hard rock tone (ac/dc and aerosmith), but i also want a good 80's metals sound (bon jovi, scorpions, quiet riot, ozzy) this will be added by my rat and distortion + and 80's thrash (megadeth, metallica). i also want some decent cleans, but i guess i could get by with sub-par cleans, my lace sensor silver cleans up nicely

i kinda liked the peavey 6505+ but wattage is an issue (120 watts is overkill) i also like the randall v2 but 400 watts is ****ing insane and 200 watt speakers are $200 each, i tried a mesa mark i but it was fuzzy and 60 watts is pushing it. the vintage modern was decent but it's kinda big and also very loud and expensive and was a tad fuzzy

what else is there?

(no classic 30 btw, i couldn't get the tone i wanted from that, which is why i sold mine)
A jcm 800 seems like it right up your alley. Look for a 50 watter or pull some powertubes. You could get a combo or the head and be set either way.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Traynor YCV50 blue, you'd need an OD for thrash, but it would. It another option to get that marshall sound.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not