Poll: So, what's the best Pixies-related album?
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View poll results: So, what's the best Pixies-related album?
Come On Pilgrim
1 3%
Surfer Rosa
9 25%
20 56%
5 14%
Trompe Le Monde
1 3%
Frank Black solo (Frank Black, Teenager of the Year, etc.)
0 0%
The Breeders (Pod, Last Splash, etc)
0 0%
Voters: 36.
I go back and forth between Doolittle and Surfer Rosa. But I also really dig Bossanova and Come on Pilgrim. I'm not so much of a fan of Trompe Le Monde, but it's still a great album. I also like the Breeders and Frank Black's solo stuff, so I'll throw that in too.
s'all about the doolittle.

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gives me the chills.
i was torn between doolittle and surfer rosa
i went doolittle but then saw it was in the lead
i regret my decision
Someone has to stick up for Trompe le Monde, so I will
But, they're all great albums and are worth buying.
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they've all been my favorite at some point, but i always come back to bossanova.

every track is awesome. and dig for fire is probably my favorite pixies song.

and the lyrics have always reminded me of edgar allen poe. very dark reflections on love and the world in general.

unfortunately it seems that most people write it off as their throw away record, or the beginning of their decline (which makes no sense to me since trompe le monde is my second favorite.)
Only an EP but every track on Come On Pilgrim is amazing. Plus Tired is my favourite Pixies song.
Surfer Rosa FTW.
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Its got to be Doolittle. My favourite songs are on Surfer Rosa but Dolittle just seem to be the most consistent Pixies album for me.

And this has reminded me that I have really got to get hold of some music by the Breeders.
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I think I've settled on Surfer Rosa, but it's a tough choice.
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Such a tough choice... I'm going to go with Doolittle because it was the one that got me into them, but Surfer Rosa almost took it.
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It's a close race between Dolittle and Surfer Rosa, but Dolittle wins. That album means alot more to me, it influenced me not only in the music I listen to, but the music I make today.
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I've never listened to the Pixies.



But, really, I was planning on starting with Doolittle, since it was really the only album I knew before this thread.
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I've never listened to the Pixies.



But, really, I was planning on starting with Doolittle, since it was really the only album I knew before this thread.

Get working on that!

I'm going with Doolittle. I could never quite understand what's so great about Surfer Rosa, but it's still good.