even though everyone pretty much has pro tools?i don't and still use my zoom mrs8....demo quality pretty much,but does anyone still like these things?

man, i have a fostex 8 track, the first two tracks on my myspace are from an album i just did last week. im not saying its better than computer recording or whatever, but im pretty damn happy with what i got

edit: honestly the only thing that annoys me is I dont have enough tracks. but if i upgraded to a 16 track, i really wouldnt see a point in getting protools
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i use the trusty BR600, and im upgrading eventaully to the BR1600. i won't use anything else, i just love how rich these multi-tracks sound and how much they are capable of while being so compact and inexpensive.


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we still use those at the college im in, and they work great
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yeah, i've got a tascam DP-01 FX, and while i don't use the effecte, i still record with it. my only problem is that it can only record 2 tracks at once, so doing live full-band takes is out of the question
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i got the first ever digi 8 track fostex dmt8. Sucks balls now but will be a collecters item hopefully lulz
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even though everyone pretty much has pro tools?i don't and still use my zoom mrs8....demo quality pretty much,but does anyone still like these things?

I still use my 8 track.
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Dude, I'm down with using a four track, as long as you can lay tracks over each other, it's good. It's amazing what you can make with a drum machine, a bass, a guitar, and a four track. Oh, and cables help...
I still use my Boss BR-532 Digital 4-track. An 8 track would be better, but it does the job.
GreenDay recently recorded an entire album on an 8 track, they didn't release it under the name greenday though.
I have one from the late 90's and it works great for black metal...can't remember the model, the thing is dinged to hell.
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