To: Veteran Concert Goers

Metallica is coming to town, and i'm pretty excited. I wanted to buy GA Floor tickets, but they were sold out by the time I got home from school >_< So all thats left is 200 section seating. gay.

Ive been to a quite a few shows, but they've all been either fully GA, or Fully Seating. How hard to you think it would be to just slip down into the floor and mix in with people? If it requires a certain finesse, please share.

Or just share hilarious stories about how you did this, and/or failed.
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I'm not paying that much. I checked ticket brokers, and its like $150 for one GA ticket.
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you're lucky, in my town the concert sold out in just a few minutes.

just wait till they kill the lights right before metallica comes on, and than just rush in and blend into the crowd. they'll all be rushing the stage so it'll be easy. ive seen it done lots and done it myself, it works pretty well
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find two people that have floor tickets have them go in, then have one of them come out with two tickets, and you walk in with the other ticket, bam
Wow, these are some intricate ideas. I was expecting "Just jump the fence, man"
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is the section guarded? Do they usually just have a goon standing there looking at the ticket? or just watching the people?
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when i went to a pretty big venue in houston, they scan the tickets at the main entrance, then in order to get into the GA section you just showed someone your ticket
Hahaha, I'm wondering the exact same thing. I'm seeing metallica at dec.12, and was too late for floor seats (I was lucky to have seats at all, tbh). I hardly like metallica/ LoG anymore, but I still want to get in a wall of death.